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Your Grass Roots Motorsport Racing Team

Everyone wants to be #1… How do we know? Because we say so! And if we’re that passionate about our team’s drive, skill, passion and sportsmanship, nothing else matters (except your support). 


2022 Time Attack Awards Night

LW: 2022 Was undoubtedly a great year, and some epic moments happened. Those were getting into the 1;01s at QR, driving in a full-on rain storm at QR, and learning to master steering input and braking and accelerating on semi-slick tyres! Some memorable and epic moments happened last year! I want to give a massive thank you to No.1, My Parents, and No.2, my Girlfriend! Most of all, the supporters and fans of LRW Motorsport, you guys are the best!

First Trophy!
3RD Place!

I must also thank the following as all the companies have played a significant role in the stage I have gotten to! It's a huge honour to represent every one of these companies!

AVO Turboworld Global AVO Turbo World Australia Motegi Racing Wheel Pros Australia Revolution Detail Pty Ltd Jetleds Titan Suspension Australia VMAX Brakes Keith 4 Wheels Tint a Car Milton

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