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Everyone wants to be #1… How do we know? Because we say so! And if we’re that passionate about our team’s drive, skill, passion and sportsmanship, nothing else matters (except your support). 


Driving with a Lion 🦁!

Thursday morning rolled around was a super foggy morning! Morning Debrief happened then we started to watch cars line up to go out.

Session one felt good until I felt no grip whatsoever no clue why I checked the tyres, I warmed them up but obviously cause of the weather conditions before in the morning, could have been why but I soldiered on.

Skip to the end near the third session was coming down the back straight. All of a sudden MIATHE86 lost all control suddenly so I made the quick decision to sink it in the gravel trap luckily it’s an long way away from the wall!

I smacked the steering wheel twice as I’m thinking what on earth is going on. I wasn’t happy.. but I sat for a minute turned off the car as I wasn’t going anywhere took the helmet off.

I opened the drivers door got out of the drivers seat, I looked at the car and saw that it got sunk quite hard in the gravel trap of no return.

But hey that’s what can happen I didn’t dwell on it sat one session out while I got the rocks from underneath the car. Now that was a fun job..

After that I just focused and fought with Mia she obliged in the end to let us have a good crack!

Last couple of sessions Mia started to play ball but was still an absolute dog fight with that steering wheel she seemed to not be in the mood today so I had a word with her, Mia what’s wrong?

Figured out she was just cranky Haha 😂

I think!

Thanks to my


VMAX Brakes

Raceline Motorsport Racewear


Southside Toyota


AVO Turboworld Global

Motorsport Brakes

Motegi Racing

Keith 4 Wheels

Wheel Pros Australia

Titan Suspension Australia


Revolution Detail Pty Ltd

Auto One Browns Plains

Tint a Car Milton

Flow Designs Australia

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