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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

It was an absolute scorcher of a day! Set some new times while also laying down some decent times! The car had two off-road adventures but recovered well, plus they were on two layouts I hadn't driven on them. So no significant issue!

The times on each layout at QR were

National Layout 1:33.5420

Clubman 1:07.6240

Sprint-Layout 1:03.4720

Sportsman Layout 1:05.3460

The car felt very planted today and was very responsive.

I think a harness and track bar harness is next, especially while on track!

Overall for LRW Motorsport, I couldn't be any prouder of the progress I've made in just over a year and a half of being on track!

A massive thank you to Titan Suspension Australia, AVO Turboworld Global, and AVOturbo and Tint a Car Milton for sponsoring the event!

Massive shoutout to Hani Francis for filming today! I can't wait to see the footage!

AVO's Oil cooler and Oil Catch can keep the temps low and the car running well, as usual; temps always stay super soft was very surprised today as it was blimming hot!

Coilovers: They felt really planted, and I got into the 1:03,s so I was pretty impressed by learning more each time! I am super impressed I kept up with a full-built Evo, too, so I surprised him and myself.

A massive thank you to my sponsors who make this possible every time!

LIQUI MOLY Motegi Racing

Wheel Pros Australia

Keith 4 Wheels Auto One Browns Plains Southside Toyota Whiteline VMAX Brakes TiTAN Suspension Mishimoto Australia Raceline Motorsport Racewear

#titansuspensionaus #avo #vmaxbrake #LIQUIMOLY #gripactivated| #toyota86 --

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