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Your Grass Roots Motorsport Racing Team

Everyone wants to be #1… How do we know? Because we say so! And if we’re that passionate about our team’s drive, skill, passion and sportsmanship, nothing else matters (except your support). 


The Final Round for 2022!

The last day of school for is Friday! What a year it has been! We've had a solid first season! It's not easy doing what I do, but everyone who supports me and comments and comes out to watch me or say hi means a lot, so thank you for being my follower and supporter!

From where we started at the beginning of this year to the stage we are at now is just unbelievable, and incredibly, I've been able to come this far and will continue to improve and learn! It's a statement of what I've been able to accomplish. That being said, my parents, girlfriend, and her family play a massive part in how I do this, so thank you to you all!

Thank you to my sponsors, who have supported this team, and I cannot wait to see where we go in 2023!

If you are free Friday head to Lakeside Park Qld to cheer us on!

This wolf is ready to pounce, and she’s hungry for the track!

Credit to Bryce Carrier Photography

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